Being Your Best You and Going Places

In conclusion of these series of articles on empowered life, after everything we have covered, you should now be starting to live the empowered.

What does that mean?

Well, on the surface you should now be dressing, looking and feeling more powerful and more confident. Your home is tidy, your clothes are sharp and you have greater confidence and happiness.

Now that you know what your life’s purpose is, you’ll be projecting that sense of purpose to all you meet. You’ll have a greater sense of self and you’ll convey enthusiasm and charisma in all that you do. What’s more, is that you will be calmer, happier and less anxious yourself – and you’ll have a tremendous sense of accomplishment and actualization that comes from moving forward and continuing to grow.

You’ve honed your discipline, your gratitude, and your emotional resilience. You’ve learned to appreciate the smaller things in life and to chase after the bigger things.

But it doesn’t end here. This is just the start of becoming the very best version of yourself: of evolving and developing into someone who goes after the things they want. Someone who others look up to, admire and want.

Continue your hero’s journey, continue to discover yourself and to grow. Continue to take on challenges and love life for the hard times as well as the good. Don’t give into the grind and don’t be tempted by comfort. You are empowered now and power means potential. Your potential is limitless.

IMPORTANT: To help you further take action, print out a copy of the Checklist and Mindmap I provided. You’ll also find a Resource Cheat Sheet with valuable sites, posts, and articles that I recommend you go through.