Building Your Body

You’re a busy professional who is trying to make the very most of themselves. Hopefully, you’ve been able to adopt some of the changes that I’ve recommended so far and have started to benefit from a greater sense of wellbeing, confidence, and self-discipline.

We started with small changes because these are the little things that can chip away at a lifetime of bad habits and a busy, stressful schedule.

But now it’s time to take on the big challenge: getting into shape.

If you can get your body into shape, then you’ll find that it changes every other single aspect of your life. This is the most proof underway to change yourself and it will affect the way you look in clothes, the way you feel about yourself and even your brain power.

Your hormonal balance will change too and you’ll burn more calories and feel more energetic simply as a result of having improved your muscle mass and reduced excess body fat.

The problem is that getting into shape conventionally requires a lot of effort, a lot of energy and a lot of time – all things that we can’t easily afford. There is no ‘small change’ you can make to get into shape but hopefully, the increased energy you now have from better sleep and vitamins and the improved self-control and motivation you have from meditation and no fap should help to give you a head start.

We’re going to combine this with a program designed to help you more easily transform your body. And we’re starting with modest aims here. Don’t aim to become a god or goddess overnight – just look to get a little more toned and a little more honed. Aim to enjoy going to the gym and to enjoy eating a little less.

An Easy Diet to Fix Your Health

Let’s start with the diet portion because ultimately, that is usually most important and it should be the easiest to fix. As with everything else in this book, our objective here is to start with small changes that will add up to make a profound difference.

Rather than trying to completely eliminate all carbohydrates or all fats, we’re going to take a much more sensible approach.

Removing a whole food group is not a good idea anyway. Reducing carbs lowers testosterone and energy levels while reducing fats can harm your brain function and your ability to absorb nutrients.

It’s not rocket science. The stuff we should be removed are the highly processed empty calories that also happen to be the simple carbs (meaning they spike the blood sugar and then cause it to crash). These include things like:

  • Chocolates
  • Cake
  • Crisps
  • Chips
  • White bread
  • Candy
  • Sausage rolls
  • Soda drinks

All of these spikes the blood sugar, dump a whole load of calories into your system and don’t provide any of the crucial nutrients we need to function at our best.

You can safely eradicate these from your diet with no negative outcome. At the same time, you should be seeking out foods that are packed with nutrients which will help to further boost your energy levels, your immune system – and even your looks (think better skin, hair, nails, and teeth!).

Simply by cutting out these processed foods, you’ll be reducing a lot of calories but we’re going to go one step further by making you stick to an incredibly rigid and strict diet… for just the first two meals of the day.

Likewise, try to make sure that you increase your intake of protein during these meals. By increasing protein, you will not only be able to build more muscle (muscle is made from the amino acids that come from protein) but you’ll find you feel fuller and you pack on fewer calories. Try to get an egg, chicken, tuna and other sources of protein in those first two meals – maybe even consider a diet protein shake.

Consistency, routine and structure are tools that can greatly help you to achieve your goals and in this case, it will remove all of the guesswork and all of the challenge out of reducing your caloric intake. You should find this is relatively easy to do: most of us eat breakfast and lunch in a hurry anyway and these meals don’t tend to be ‘social’ so much as practical. That means you should have no problem sticking to a relatively plain meal for each and that way you can know for sure that you’re keeping your caloric intake to an absolute minimum while avoiding that junk food.

For example, breakfast might be porridge oats with skimmed milk, while lunch might be a tuna fish salad. You’ll eat from the same roster of meals every day and come the evening, you should reliably know that you’re only on about 600-700 calories (especially if you stop snacking).

Seeing as most of us will burn 2,000-2,500 calories in a day, this then means you have a ‘budget’ of 1,300-1,800 calories that you can eat for dinner. No one is likely to binge that much at dinner and so you can eat whatever you like while still knowing that you aren’t going to be putting yourself in danger of weight gain.

This is a simple system that allows you to eat socially and normally at the times that matter while knowing that you’ll be getting all the things you need and avoiding consuming too many calories. Over time, you should find you get leaner and more toned.


The other part of this equation is an exercise which serves the purpose of burning fat and building muscle.

Men: exercise is crucial because it will help you to broaden your shoulders, narrow your waist and create the image of the perfect ‘alpha athlete’. It will also boost your cognition, your energy levels and more.

Women: the exact same is true and in particular, note that you should be weightlifting. Too many women think that the best way to lose weight is with long stretches of cardio and they avoid weightlifting like the plague because they think it will make them ‘big’ or ‘bulky’. In reality, it is very hard to become overly muscular – this certainly isn’t something you can do by accident!

Meanwhile, building muscle will help you to burn much more fat (because muscle is metabolically active, meaning that you will burn fat even while you’re sleeping) and it will make you look far more toned. Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll look athletic – men know this too thanks to ‘Dad Bod’. But if you strengthen your abs, then that is how you get a flat stomach. If you tone your arms, you will lose any sign of ‘bingo wings’. If you strengthen your legs then they will look toned and sexy.

Most importantly all women should squat! This is how you get an amazing rear end and if you Google ‘women who squat’ then you’ll see what I’m talking about!

So for men and women, the following routine will be highly effective at building muscle and cutting away unwanted flab: PPL.

What is PPL?

PPL stands for ‘Push, Pull, Legs’ and it is a ‘split’ that will define which exercises you do during each workout and which parts of the body you will target. On push days, you use all the exercises that use muscles involved in pushing such as the bench press, push ups, tricep push downs, overhead shoulder press etc.

On pull day, you do all your pulling motions like shrugs, pull ups, chin ups, lat pull downs, bicep curls. On legs day, you are going to train your legs and your abs. Choose compound movements that utilize multiple muscle groups in unison: things like squats, deadlifts, and clean and jerks.

That’s three days of training but the focus you’re giving each muscle part is enough to trigger growth and three days should be sufficient to see some reasonable change. What’s more, is that a three-day workout should be something you can fit relatively easily into your routine.

And if you keep your ‘rest periods’ to a minimum, then each workout should take no more than 30-40 minutes. The key is to discover how you are going to fit this into your routine.

My recommendation is that you join a gym but that you make the number one priority when choosing that gym to be that it is proximal to your home or your place of work.

You need to be able to fit this into whatever your current routine is: remember that routines are highly important in order to introduce new habits. Routines are the ‘framework’ that will provide the structure for your new habits to hang off of.

I personally walk my wife to work every morning and then come home to work at my home office. On the way home I pass a gym and so it made perfect sense for me to join that gym. Better yet, I am already awake, up and out of the house at this point in the day so there is no reason not to go.