Important New Habits and Lifestyle Changes

As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of different books out there and even more blogs all telling you how to transform your life and be the best you. The problem is knowing which of the tips and changes are worth embracing, and especially considering that many of them require energy and time that you probably just don’t have.

We’ve already added our 30-minute self-improvement program three times a week and you should have taken one day out to get things in order.

Now it’s time to look at smaller changes you can make throughout the day to further empower yourself, fortify your mind and body and become the best version of you that you possibly can.

Vitamin Supplements

Part of the problem with the modern lifestyle that most of us live is that it presents a ‘vicious circle’. That is to say that once you get into a pattern of coming home from work exhausted and stressed, it is incredibly difficult to escape from.

The big issues here are tiredness and stress and this is what prevents you from being able to make the other positive changes you want to in your life. Many people think that they don’t have enough time to make positive change but time is very rarely the issue. Energy (which is directly related to stress) is much more likely to be the culprit. Think about it: if time was the only issue then you would get up at 4am and do your morning workout and work on projects/clean the house before work. You can’t because you’re too tired. And you’re tired because you’ve been stressed all day.

And this is also why your evenings are wasted in front of rubbish TV.

I’m here to tell you that all of this can be improved by taking a vitamin supplement. This sounds super simple, but adding more micronutrients to your diet will supercharge your cells with energy, combat the effects of chronic fatigue and stress and boost your brain power and mood.

Vitamin C, for example, will reduce cortisol (the stress hormone), encourage recovery from adrenal fatigue and protect your cells against damage that can lead to premature aging and cancer. Likewise, vitamin D can help you to fight colds and infection (recent research suggests that a vitamin D supplement is almost as potent as an anti-flu vaccine!) and boost testosterone along with improving your sleep. Vitamin B complex will help improve the circulation of blood, as well as helping to make the cells more efficient at using energy. Magnesium can help you to sleep better too and will also improve learning through brain plasticity, not to mention strengthening your bones. The list goes on!

Find a good multivitamin that comes packed with lots of vitamin C, lots of vitamin D and the whole plethora of vitamins and minerals. This isn’t going to transform your life, but it is a very simple change that will make the other changes in this book a lot easier to accomplish.


Enhancing your sleep is very important if you want to perform your best, avoid illness and come across as witty, strong and intelligent.

Many of us don’t get as much sleep as we should (7-9 hours depending on your individual biology). Of course, the ideal scenario is that you fix this and make sure that you are getting enough sleep but this is easier said than done for most people.

Instead then, it may be easier to focus on the quality of your sleep instead. Do this by making sure your sleeping environment is as dark and silent as possible and by investing in a high quality bed with high quality bedding. Take a warm bath just before bed and if you can, try to avoid phones for the hour before bed.

That’s easier said than done again of course, so if you can’t do this then at least avoid caffeine for 6 hours prior to sleep. This simple change (switch to decaf) will help you to enjoy much more deep sleep and to wake up rejuvenated.

Another tip is to try and go to bed at a consistent time and wake up at a consistent time if you can. The body likes to work on cycles and rhythms and if you can do this, you’ll find that it automatically synchronizes other biological rhythms so that you’re awake at the right times and sleepy at the right times.

Speaking of which, I also highly recommend that you invest in a device called a ‘daylight alarm’. This is a type of clock that will wake you up by gradually getting brighter just like the sun in real life. This in turn

No Fap

Okay, enough messing around… it’s time for the serious stuff.

If you are really dedicated to self-improvement, to becoming the best version of yourself and to living an empowered life… then I highly recommend that you try no fap.

For those that have been living in a cave, no fap is a movement that encourages abstaining from masturbation. The idea is to avoid porn and only to orgasm when you’re with a partner. Why? Because according to the advocates of this practice, it can transform your life. It will make you more productive, more confident, more social and more likely to succeed.

How? By rewiring your brain. The body has evolved in order to reward the behaviors it wants to encourage. The greatest reward comes from sex, because sex ensures the survival of our DNA. But unfortunately, the body can’t differentiate between sex and masturbation on a chemical level. As such, it rewards masturbation just as much as it rewards sex.

Hence a huge rush of dopamine (the reward/motivation neurotransmitter) which floods the brain every time you pleasure yourself. This reinforces the behavior and makes you want to do it again, and again, and again.

Eventually, these consistently high levels of dopamine (which are comparable to the levels caused by drug use) will alter the way the brain responds to dopamine. That means that you’ll feel permanently less motivated and it will take more stimulus to make you ‘aroused’ in a physiological sense.

This is partly why many porn users will look for more and more ‘extreme’ videos in order to satisfy themselves – the kick they get from the dopamine surge is no longer enough when they watch regular porn.

When the damage to the dopaminergic system becomes more pronounced, this can then lead to depression, confusion, lack of motivation and even social isolation.

At a more basic level: the brain and body learn that they don’t need to socialize and don’t need to work in order to get complete satisfaction. The drive to go out and meet women, impress other men and achieve status and power is now missing. Even if you are in a relationship, some of the color and purpose will now be missing from life.

Not to mention how much less into it you will be when you have sex with your partner. You might not feel any different but try abstaining for a few months and then have sex. The difference is night and day and it does wonders for your relationship. You become more alpha, more driven and more attractive.

And yes, porn can be just as destructive for women – it’s just less common.

This is hard work but that’s also part of the point: if you can bring yourself to stop watching porn then you are exercising incredible self-control and self-will. This drive and determination is something that can be trained just like any other aspect of your personality and thus you’ll find that you are now more likely to be able to adopt other new habits and drop those that you don’t want.

If you’re up for this challenge, make the commitment to stopping for 30 days. This is long enough to alter habitual behavior so in theory, you should find it is now much easier to maintain good behavior.

The dual n-back and meditation should also help with this. Gradually, we’re honing you into a driven, determined alpha.